Meet Ruth Ann

All of us deserve to love where we live. Most of the greatest joy we experience in life happens in the homes we create with our families and loved ones.

Being hard working, proactive, and resourceful to find the perfect real estate opportunity for you is what I enjoy the most. I feel I excel at blending the diverse needs and styles of partners to create harmony. I believe there is always a solution that can satisfy all parties.

My commercial experience enables me to understand, formulate, and execute even the most complex transactions. Therefore, I can assure that you will not be disappointed with the service I provide.




Advice for BuyersAdvice for Sellers

To get what you really want…

You have to know what that is!

When contemplating buying a new home, a few important basics are:

  • Create a list of features you cannot live without.
  • List the extra features that you would really enjoy.
  • Meet with a lender to decide what price range is comfortable with your current circumstances.
  • Determine what communities will work well geographically based on your family’s lifestyle, schools, work commute and activities.
  • Connect with a real estate agent that has the experience, reputation and integrity that resonates with you. Partnering with an experienced broker will help make the process less stressful and more streamlined.

Advice to Sellers
This is the time to spruce up and help others fall in love with the home you and your family have outgrown or need to say goodbye to……and remember clutters eats up your equity!
Meet with your broker for a free evaluation to establish a realistic and current selling price.
Discuss a realist time frame with your broker that you would like to sell by
Stage and prepare your home to maximize it’s broadest appeal
Most homes that I have stages have sold in 30 days or less. I work with a team that will put your homes best features on display. Together we will create an emotional experience for the potential buyer of your home.